A quarterly sales target is set by Lenovo and eligible sales are loaded weekly. You can track your progress to the target every time you log in.

  • Authorized Reseller’s base target is calculated on average revenue of previous 4 quarters + 10% growth
  • Target starts at $5,000 and is capped at $30,000
  • Two ways to earn: If Reseller accepts the target before end of the 1st Month of Qtr – Top Rebate level or before end of the 2nd Month of Qtr – Entry Rebate level
  • If Reseller over achieves his Target Band – they are automatically eligible for higher rebate based on their actual SORs (capped at $30,000)
  • Accelerators multiply the revenue value (1 USD sales out revenue = 2 USD target revenue achievement)
  • If Reseller doesn’t meet the base target – no payment