It’s really simple to take part in Lenovo Elevate.

  1. Enrol within the first 2 months of a calendar quarter.
  2. At the end of each quarterly period, Lenovo will email you your       Elevate cash rebate value and open the rebate invoice submission       period.*
  3. You get 30 days to submit your claim from the date of the cash       rebate notification.

How it works

  • Accept the programme terms, choose your preferred Lenovo Distributor and explore auto-enrolment to get the most out of Elevate every quarter!
  • Progress through the four bands of the Elevate Rebate Grid. As your eligible sales revenue climbs, so does your cash rebate!
  • Accelerators throughout the year help you to exceed your targets and boost your cash rebate!
  • After Lenovo validates the claims, cash rebate payments are directly deposited into the company's business bank account.
*For certain countries, payments are made through the purchasing Distributor. Please read the Lenovo Elevate Terms and Conditions for the exhaustive list.